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this was an utter, unmitigated disaster for the security of the united states and for the interest of the united states in the dangerous world we live in. the sanctimonious comments by general holder today are this, self-serving and self-centered. we ought to be concerned of what is in the interest of the united states of america. you nailed it absolutely right. what good is there to be gained by trying these mass murderers, war criminals in civilian courts with rules designed for conventional crimes committed by conventional criminals as general mukazie once said. they'll challenge the way they were treated and what about the chain of evidence and did we have all the constitutional nicities in a war? they're going to proclaim outrageous treatment and lie about it because they've got the world stage and this will serve to recruit additional jihaddists because they're going to attack america throughout this entire episode, the sorry episode and they're going to try and get support throughout the muslim world for their cause by ex-core eighting -- excoriating the united states of america and our v
militants who could go violent. we don't have that type of a threat in the united states, but we do have one, i mean, that's pretty obvious and i think we have taken a little bit too lightly, the dangers of islamic militant propaganda in the united states. the extent to which mosques in the united states can reinforce that-- these attitudes. so, it is something that requires a lot more effort, i think, on the part of the bureau. >> what are the triggering episodes that inspire a young, young muslim americans to go over to al-qaeda? and i'm thinking in particular of this recent somali episode because it seems to some of them were radicalized, if that's the right word, by the invasion of ethiopia of somalia in 2007 which the united states supported. can it be just one event just like that? yes, i mean, there are many factors that obviously come into play and there have been some excellent studies looking islamic militants, particularly those affiliated in europe, and you do tend to see a pattern and that first of all, there tends to be, there's something deeply personal that strikes the believ
. >> do you believe you are capable and can do the job of the president of the united states? >> we will preview my interview with governor palin in the body language segment. don't miss this one. bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. rough month for president obama. while he had difficulty trying to convince the chinese government to act civilized, nothing he faces when he returns home tomorrow. ft. hood and afghanistan and health care all put the president on the defensive. his approval rating has dropped below 50% for the first time. but he is a shrewd guy. he made himself available while in asia. >> will you sign legislation on health care that includes the stew pact language? >> i thank you is a balance to be achieved that is consistent with the amendment, what existed before we reformed health care. i believe in the basic idea that federal dollars should not pay for abortions. but i also think we should not restrict women's choices. >> does the language strike that balance? >> not yet. bill: the president wants it both ways. he knows forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund abortion is wron
. >> the lies told by united states presidents, the lies told by the united states media. bill: bizarre new tape of reverend wright surfaces. we will play you a bit of that. >> excuse me. land of the greed and home of the slaves. bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. criticizing president obama, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there are basically two camps when it comes to not liking barack obama. the first group is made up of conservatives who basically the president -- see the president as a far left guy who has been on changing america forever. one commentators rush limbaugh. >> i'm really, really worried. we have never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country. i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has
the united states and you are to be treated as combatant. >> this is a travesty. bill: pressure building on president obama to explain exactly why he is allowing an al qaeda terrorist captured overseas to tried in new york city. we'll have the latest. >> yeah. she a joke. the idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the republican nomination, believe me, it will never happen. bill: bernie goldberg takes a look at new attacks on sarah palin who will appear on the factor this week. >> this is where the best of america is. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. lou dobbs and cnn. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the last of the original cnn anchors lou dobbs have left the network after 27 years. we will talk to mr. dobbs in a moment and find out exactly why that happened. no question illegal immigration played
in yemen who knew three of the september 11th hijackers and advocated jihad against the united states. and in a stunning change in the legal war on terror, the obama administration announced we'll try the master mind of 9/11, kalid shaikh mohammed and four others from guantanamo in a court in new york city. what's behind this decision and is it possible they will be acquitted? joining us columnist dan ettinger, editorial board member, dorothy rabid wits. >> everything in his life, that pointed to this, he said outrageous things at long lectures and the response was we have to let him do his things. >> at walter reed hospital. >> at walter reed and people sent him to of all things, school. they sent him to a university lecture place, he would be responsible to this. he carried a card that said soldier of islam we now discover. he-- >> people are seeing all of this. why didn't anybody blow the whistle? >> look, what's really happened is americans are not going to forget this happened. cowardess prevented anyone from interfering, the only word to use, drop political correctness. >> cowar
with jimy carter for access to united states for treatment. >> he was saying he had been a good ally. greta: he secretly arrived in new york city. >> president carter decided that our hospitality of the nation was to allow him here for cancer treatment. >> all of that exacerbated the situation. >> we learned that the administration had decided to admit the shah, and we were essentially being hung out to dry. >> they wanted him to stand trial for his alleged crimes. >> things were getting more frequent and bigger and more violent, the burning of the american flag, the burning of the effigy of president carter. greta: a group of five university students began to plan. >> islamic fundamentalists. they wanted the shah to be returned and for the united states to effectively withdraw and to stop meddling in iranian affairs. greta: the current president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, was one of the five original planners. >> they decided to go after the american embassy. >> they say that this was planned, essentially, as in 1970's style situation, where they would go in and makes them great stateme
. this is to the president of the united states. it is time, it is time to make a decision. bill: today we learn the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan doesn't want more troops. so chaos reigns. joining us now from washington former ambassador to the u.n. and author of the book the prosperity agenda. here in the k.t. mcfarland defense official in the reagan administration. you can debate policy. i sympathize because it is a very complicated situation. he doesn't want to get into another vietnam or even another iraq in the early stages. however, however, now you have abject chaos. the ambassador pitted against the top general in the field. these guys talk every day. >> sure. bill: one is saying we need them. the other guy is saying don't send them. this is bad. >> it's not just. this remember, mcchrystal was the man that president obama picked because he fired the guy who was there before. bill: absolutely. >> now on our second commander. ambassador who is a former commander in afghanistan -- everybody has a different opinion. the thing i worry about is not so much what he is going to decide but, as you sa
's been eight years. i love the military. i believe in the united states cause in afghanistan and in iraq. but that's a separate story. suicides are at an all time high. that's real. hasan's situation, again, is the sociopathic loser who seeks to inflict injury and pain on others. >> doesn't have anything to do with post-traumatic stress or anything why did he do it? >> because the yankees won. because it's raining today. bill: why do these people do it. >> because they seek to make specifics comport with their bigger themes. their societal themes. they want a story that has a moral to the story. bill: it's bs. >> in this case it is absolutely. >> geraldo, everybody. up next, colonel ralph peters on the fort hood assassin. later, the authors of a new book sarah palin have exclusive details about the speech she wasn't able to give or allowed to give on election night. those reports after these messages. lt. colonel wrath peertsd, the author of the book the war after armageddon. colonel peters column on the for the hood massacre will appear in the "new york post" tomorrow. you heard bernie
. >> it's been a year since barack obama was elected president of the united states. but jokes aside, what's the serious media think of mr. obama one year lateer? from "the new york times", no walk in the park for obama one year later, it's the slog of governance. >> change has come, or has it? and from cnn, months into the presidency, promise of change is a slow go. jim, the late night comics are having fun. what about the mainstream mid-yaw, are they in awe? >> i think they're still glad he defeated mccain and they look forward to voting for him in 2012. the media narrative is that obama is a good guy, but the right wing is just so powerful so mean so hateful, so michelle bachanizeed that obama is having a hard time, which plays into what democrats think, victimology. >> is the narrative going to change on us with the new unemployment numbers we got yesterday, 10.2%? >> that's just a little more of the same. it's inevitable that the poetry of politics gives way to the prose of government. this stuff is hard, taking on health care and wars and 60 other things. it's absolutely inevitable i
the united states really grappled with these issues was vietnam. sean: historic include president obama risks making the same mistakes but warned the president. it cautions obama for meddling in general mcchrystal's plan by sending fewer troops than his general has requested. >> if he does not trust his own coat on the battlefield, yet another coach? he just put general mcchrystal in there. sean: the greatest care of the book is ignoring the latter years of the war entirely. "newsweek" draws attention to that. those are the years that deserve our attention. >> the american historical memory of vietnam is twisted. it basically says it was not winnable, and therefore people were butting their heads against the wall. that is wrong. sean: that is why officials in the defense establishment are consulting "a better worker "that dr. argues that the general who replace general westmoreland and implemented a counterinsurgency strategy that won the war. it is this time that the book overlooks completely. >> if we're going to look at lessons of the vietnam war to see whether there is anything we can use
music? >> complaining something he is doing as president of united states becomes a political issue it's like really? welcome to heavy burden and responsibility of the presidency of the united states. yeah, what you do is going to become a political issue. you can't be burdened by that. >> i agree with you that he is in that, he is like that. when he doesn't like something. but i with sympathize with obama here, i absolutely do. he has to live his life. to give up golf because we have an afghan conflict? i want the president to have some relaxation, his mind to be clear. i want him to go out on a date with his wife. if his wife wants to see a broadway show, more happiness to him. i think it's ridiculous and petty. the american public should live them as man and wife and leave them alone. okay, carlson, hoover? >> what did i say marriage is separate. marriage is a work in progress. >> bill: i hate that word, work in progress. >> that is a big issue. >> it is a work in progress. >>. >> glenn: now we have a serious story for the warriors tonight. in connecticut, west of hartford, there is
? so i wasn't. bill: it hurt you though. >> so i wasn't doing the right thing to ingrate united states myself with liberal media personalities to make them like me. so what? i think if most normal americans were put in the same position that i was there, they probably look at her and have that proverbial eye roll and say are you kidding me? are you suggesting that i don't read? bill: that led, in my opinion, to the mccain people, steve smith and the other guys saying we can't trust her out there because she the booted that that's where you lost credibility among them. i understand what you are saying. and katie couric, i spoke to her a couple days ago said she wasn't out to get you. clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective mission there. bill buy you think she was out to get you. it's different than gibson. >> i think that she was out to get -- if you will, anyone who didn't believe in her perspective. it's not like she was going to get
though. >> all right. bill: look, the problem with military action from the united states point of view is that what are we going to do? if we bomb them, then war breaks out even more intensely in iraq and afghanistan because the iranians then will move into iraq, reignite that conflict, because they can do it with the shiites. and in afghanistan, they can cause all kinds of trouble for us. so, the unintended consequences of u.s. planes going in and bombing their nuclear facilities or whatever you want to bomb is that you ignite the two front war we have. you make it ten times worse. so obama knows that. what does he do? >> well,. bill: mary katharine. >> i think one thing he does sen courage the people of iran perhaps in a more active way. bill: you can do that and he hasn't been doing that enough. i agree. >> wait, wait. i think making sure that he is clear that he is standing with netanyahu if israel has to do anything. bill: encouraging, mary katharine? come on. >> i'm putting some stuff out there. if marc lamont hill thinks we have to exhaust all things here are some things that he
solution, our president of the united states doesn't have any solution. so i don't know what the beef is other than maybe sarah palin should have one. but you know, what say you. obama didn't have one. >> well, i think for me at least, and i think a lot of americans agree with me, certainly many will disagree with me, too. we have to have something more concrete. but there are people who say pay off the taliban in afghanistan. bill: we should have absolutely the most specific policy possible to win in afghanistan and to prevent a nuclear iraq but we don't. so it's not just -- again, i sound like i'm making excuses for governor palin, i'm not. but i felt she was conversant with the issues. a lot of people didn't feel she was conversant. i felt she was conversant with them, that she knew what the problems were. now, you're right she didn't say look -- because i handed her the blockade, the naval blockade which eventually is what you'll have to do there, you'll have to bomb the hell out of them or put in a naval blockade. one more specific criticism of the interview, go. >> well, when yo
major garrett. >> there are a set of detainees that are dangerous to the united states but unfortunately the evidence against them may be tainted. sean: that's why the bush administration set up the military tribunals at gitmo to begin with. so will the president actually follow through on his big promise? >> in washington, things move slower than i anticipated. we are on a path and a process where i would anticipate that guantanamo will be closed next year. i'm not going to set an exact date. sean: all right. things in washington move slowly? who knew? given his experience with health care and now gitmo, this president might want to shy away from setting those firm deadlines. they don't seem to be working out too well for him. and it seems like a week never goes by in a a tax-troubled nominee isn't discovered in the obama administration. meet lail brainard whom president obama nominated in march to serve as undersecretary of treasury for international affairs. unfortunately for the president, his vetters failed him once again. according to the a.p., a senate investigation has revealed t
blank, do you feel that, you know, you're capable of being president of the united states she said yes and her answer to the why of that was, one, she is common sense. bill: right. >> two, she reflects the values many americans have. and, three, she thinks americans are tired of elitists. this woman has 5-million-dollar book deal before one book is sold. this woman spent nearly $800 a night on hotel rooms and 20,000 plus to move her family around. this woman also left the throne of governor in alaska, would she bail on us in tough times for the bigger and better deal? i thought it was hypocritical. i think it. bill: there is nothing wrong with earning money. she is doing it legitimately. she had enormous amount of debt, 500,000 piled up by people. look, leslie we had you on the program because we wanted to hear what you had to say. we appreciate it some new information about the guy who killed 14 people at fort hood. geraldo has been investigating that glenn beck on the 9/12 project. what the heck is the 9/12 project? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ÷ bill: new information ab
correspondent. bill: i'm worried that this health care is going to send the united states into bankruptcy. california there now. massachusetts is in big trouble. and can you reassure me that universal health care isn't going to bankrupt the united states of america? >> absolutely. because there are other areas we can cut -- bill: all right. >> that was just to me amazing. i wondered of as i watched of does he recognize that there is a camera on him? because typically you wouldn't see someone be that inslat. he was looking at the fingernails. typically we pick our fingernails when we are feeling nervous. i knows he was doing this out of nervousness but to prove he was unaffected by you. bill: this is how i took it and believe me i saw it when it was going on but i didn't react to it because he was baiting me. >> yeah. bill: he is baiting me. he wants me to say something mean to him because that's why he came on. his gesture is one of disfor the question, correct? >> yes. what's interesting though is when you say to him you can reassure me? his mouth puckers inward and lifts on a sign of co
. it is an act of terror but an act of war. al qaeda declared war against the united states in 1996. bill: this guy isn't al qaeda. >> he talks about, we don't know all the evidence. there's a whole array of evidence. this guy had contacts with a tough al qaeda guy in yemen. bill: it doesn't make him al qaeda. >> but, let's face it, he is a jihaddy. bill: i do agree. >> point blank, that is -- bill: you say this is a continuation of the war, all right. in american soil. it's part of the 9/11 axis, it's just an extension of that. more americans killed in this country. >> right. and by the president and the rest of his administration, including the attorney general, eric holder, they keep referring to this as a crime. and in general, a crime. this is catapulting the united states back to a pre-9 mindset where we treated these kinds of acts, acts of international terrorism, the jihad, as criminal justice problems. bill: what do you say to that? >> i the -- i think -- you're using a national tragedy to find an excuse to attack a president who did, i think, most things correctly here and you w
, but who is primarily responsible? the president of united states. when the economy is good, he gets the credit. when it is bad, he gets the blame. bill: colmes, he showed up in new jersey five times. alan: that is what jon corzine came up in the polls. bill: if he did not, then jon corzine would have got to, what, five votes? -- would have gotten, what, five votes? >> a listen. the white house injected themselves to an unprecedented extent -- >> listen. the white house injected themselves to an unprecedented extent. it was a regional party that could only win in the south. now, the republicans have come back. bill: yes. alan: you know that always happens -- bill: not so much. i never bought to virginia as a police state. i do not think he just won their. but new jersey, that is big -- i never thought to virginia -- fought as virginia being -- i never thought of virginia being a blue state. >> i am talking about standing up for freedom in the face of tyranny. president obama was invited to mark the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, one of the great triumphs over tierney, an
in whatever agreement comes about which would mean the united states and britain and some other countries would bear the burden of putting themselves in a position where economically, as they go forward with manufacturing they would not be in a very enviable position because there would be a great advantage for those other countries, no? >> that's right. and we're talking, as i say, about a tiny amount of the total co2 emissions that are likely to come from western europe or america. there's a great hypocrisy in this, i'm talking to you from brussels and the european parliament will meet here next week and next week will meet in straussburg, every month it shuttles back and forth and there's a great fleet of trucks that carries all the papers and the members and all the interpreters and the committee generating hundreds of thousands of tons of co2 from the organization that more than any other preaches about the importance of greenhouse gas emissions. i think a lot of this is about posturing and about being seen to take the right position and say the right things rather than trying to eff
. it shows you the holes in the system we have. this is the most powerful woman in the united states of america. look at her. she is of reptilian. you usually see a face like that on a lizard laying on a hot rock. bill: she is an attractive -- she is a grandmother. >> i am not saying anything about pretty. you are misreading the. empty, vapid, nobody home. she is not that smart. you can tell me this is a bright woman and i don't believe you. i think she memorizes the bullet. . bill: she does memorize. the neck is tight. in maine, i was surprised that 53/47 said we do not want a marriage. >> everybody will have to go their own way. they will have less people vote. gay marriage, on the things that concern me, i have friends who are gay and married and i am happy for them. gay marriage, things that weird me out or worry me? that is number 8 billion on my list. have a vote on it. it will figure itself out eventually. this is what the vote is for. bill: i agree with you. i do not care about the marriage. i want people to be happy and to be able to pursue happiness. i think folks should be
was not spotted. i want to know why he was allowed on the military base. this is an act of war against the united states by this guy. it doesn't matter if it's one person or 19 people, it still is a terrorist attack. >> bill: so you would have been hard on the terrorist attack. obama and his people will say, what good does it do -- it just gets the middle east up in arms again. we are making progress there and now we're throwing it in their face like bush did, so why bother doing it. you say? >> first we're not making any progress there. secondly, the issue here is that when the president goes on national tv and tries to mischaracterize this and to squelch anyone focusing on it as a terror attack, everybody knows it. >> bill: i don't think rational people would come to that. >> of course not. but a lot of people will say, that by attempting to disguise it and treating it as an act of violence rather than using terrorism he is a trying a sleight of hand. this was not the first terror attack since 9/11. >> bill: there is certainly that. dick, thanks. liberal media continue to pound on hasan but nic
was a pretty good president. there were sabotagers who would offer a u boat on the united states soil. were they tried in u.s. open civilian court? of course not. they went before special military courts and they were executed. bill: let me play devil's advocate again. napolitano would say that was a declared war. that they were pow's, they had no business in civilian courts because the germans landed them on the coast of long island. they were caught. they were p.o.w.'s so the military handled them. this wasn't a declared war, isn't a declared war against al qaeda so these are just civilian thugs. you say? >> in fact, that's exactly wrong. they were not p.o.w.'s. if you capture a german in uniform, then he is a p.o.w. he has all the rights and you don't put him on trial anywhere. the reason that the sab teres were executed because you were not in uniform which makes you an illegal combatant and then you can be charged. shot under all the rules of war? that's precisely what al qaeda is, illegal combatants in undeclared war. it makes my case. bill: napolitano conceded last night that if ther
want to know why he was still allowed on the military base, this is an act of war against the united states by this guy, and it doesn't matter if it's one person or 19 people, doing something, it still is a terrorist attack. bill: so you would have been hard on the terrorist attack. >> i would have. bill: obama and his people will say what good does that do? it just gets the middle east up in arms again. it just -- we're making progress there. they're cooperating with us a little bit more. and now we're throwing it in their face again like bush did. so why bother doing it? it's going to hurt the country and you say? >> we're not making any progress there. and secondly the issue here is that when the president goes on national tv, and tries to essentially mischaracterize this, and to squelch anyone focusing on it as a terror attack, because he wants to avoid political blame for the first attack on our soil since 9-11, everybody knows it. bill: but i don't think anybody is blaming obama for the attack. i don't think rational people would blame president obama. >> but i think -- yeah, o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 56 (some duplicates have been removed)